Get IDIA Tokens

Get your IDIA Tokens to KYC & participate on IDOs

Now that you have learned about Wallets & created your own personal Wallet, the 2nd step to take towards participating on our IDOS is to get your IDIA Tokens. As you will see on our article The 2 Tokens - IDIA & vIDIA, IDIA is used to participate on our IDOs, obtaining more allocation the more & longer IDIA you stake.

Before the IDOs though, IDIA is also used to pass the KYC, which is the unavoidable final step before participating on our IDOs, as you'll need to hold at least 50 IDIA to start KYC.

So, to purchase your IDIA Tokens, you can use any of the Official IDIA Trading Locations:

Once you have successfully purchased your 50 IDIA, you can go to the next page & learn how to verify your Wallet.

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