How to vest vIDIA - Step by step

Find out how to vest your IDIA into vIDIA, step by step

On unvesting vIDIA

The process to unvest your vIDIA is the same as the process to vest it, just make sure to click Unvest instead of Vest. Keep in mind that it will take 2 weeks to fully unlock your vIDIA unless you want to pay the speedup fee of 20%. A percentage of this fee will be distributed back to all the holders of vIDIA. You can also cancel the Unvesting at any time for a 2% fee.

Step 0 - Buy IDIA

In order to vest vIDIA you need to have IDIA already, so, if you haven't yet, go and buy some IDIA on any of these locations:

Step 1 - Go to our vesting tool & initiate the vesting

Connect your wallet, make sure that you selected "Vest" on our tool & then proceed to input the amount you want to vest and click "Vest"

Step 2 - Read & confirm the vesting confirmation

Make sure the amount of IDIA you want to vest is correct & check the IDIA rewards that you are getting.

Read the notice as well and once you are ready click "I Understand' and the "Confirm" button.

Step 3 - Confirm the vesting on your Wallet

A Wallet confirmation will pop up, so, confirm that the amounts are correct & click confirm when ready.


It's now done! You'll see a confirmation box on the top left screen stating that the desired amount has been vested!

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