Buyback Program

Learn about our flagship feature, the Buyback Protection Program

Impossible Finance is dedicated to launching high-quality projects that are fair and accessible to all users on its platform.

With over 33,000 KYC-verified members, we prioritize our users and community above all else.

To mitigate risks for our users, Impossibles team constantly innovates and creates new solutions, such as the Buyback Protection Program.

What is the Buyback Program?

In short, with the Buyback Program, users can sell back their tokens at a previously agreed price, therefore mitigating their risk exposure.

This creates a Win-Win Scenario:

Users can reduce or mitigate price risks, while the program allows Impossible to continue backing projects that are constantly shaping the crypto space.

This helps provide users with confidence in the long-term goals of the project, ensuring that it is constantly delivering for its community and Impossibles users.

How does the Buyback Program work?

The Buyback Protection Program holds a percentage of funds raised from IDOs in a multisig wallet that is protected by both the project team and Impossible's council members.

If the requirements are met, Impossible Finance will make an announcement when the Buyback Program is activated and allow users to sell their investments back using those held funds mentioned above.

This allows users who opt for the program to sell their tokens back to the project at a discounted price, mitigating downside risks for participating in IDOs.

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