Feedback Platform

Learn more about our Feedback Platform

Introduction to our Feedback Platform

At Impossible, our main focus is to buidl the best Launchpad for you and with you, so, it goes without saying that your feedback & ideas are very important to us.
In our Feedback Platform, users can submit their ideas or suggestions, vote on ideas from other users and even check our Roadmap to see the status of all the existing ideas.
Our Feedback Platform is not the place to request for support, only to submit ideas or suggestions about our website, communities or business. If you need help, consider checking the Customer Support page instead.

How to use our Feedback Platform

Submit your ideas

Itching for something new? Saw something great that you think we need? Let us know by submitting your idea:
  1. 1.
    Give us a short summary of your idea and how you think it benefits everyone.
  2. 2.
    Categorize it
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    Then fill in your name and email address, click consent & submit your idea
We only use your email to update you on the development of your ideas. No personal information is used otherwise
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Upvote other ideas

See one idea that you like? You can upvote it, so our team knows just how good it is
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Check on the status of ideas in our Roadmap

We know you’re eager to see how our team is working on these ideas.
By clicking on “Roadmap”, you can see which ideas are under consideration, planned, in development, and live.
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