How to participate in a Whitelist Node Sale

Special allotment for the community, partners, and KOLs.

Step 1 - Connect wallet on Node Sale Page

Go to the website of the Node Sale venue.

Example Xai:


Sophon: Coming Soon

Step 2 - Get purchase tokens for the relevant network

Node sales may occur across a variety of different chains. Be sure to know which chain and purchase tokens are needed to participate in both whitelist and public sales.

Node sale details can be found on the Impossible Blog.

Step 3 - Select available tier and click “Purchase”

Note: All images used are for illustrative purposes only. The actual sale page may differ from the images displayed.

On the Node Sale page (powered by IF), choose the tier available to you and click on "Purchase".

If your wallet has been whitelisted, you will only be able to see the tier you are whitelisted for.

To illustrate, the image below shows a user who has been whitelisted for Tiers 1, 7 and 8 only.

Step 4 - Input promo code if you have one

If you have a promo code to use, click on “Use promo code” and enter your code.

Note that sale discounts from using a promo code will not be automatically applied during purchase. Cash rebates will be airdropped to your purchase wallets upon confirmation your referrer has also purchased a node.

Step 5 - Purchase your Node

Click on “Approve” on the sale page. You will be prompted to sign a contract in your wallet. Once it has been signed, select “Purchase” and click “Agree” to the Terms & Conditions.

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