The 3 Sale Cards

Learn about the different type of sale cards

Now that you know the format of our IDOs, we should take a look at the different sale cards that you can use to stake your IDIA & vIDIA during our sales.

So, what are Sale Cards?

Sale Cards are the place for users to stake their IDIA/vIDIA during our Sales. Every IDO has 3 type of Sale Cards:

  • Standard Pool

  • Unlimited Pool

  • Whitelist Sale

Standard Pool

In this pool, there is a Staking Cap/Limit to ensure everyone gets their share of the pie and that no whale can come and get it all.

The specific amount you can stake varies for each IDO, but generally, the maximum stake per user is around 10,000 IDIA.

Unlimited Pool

In this pool, you can stake any amount of IDIA/vIDIA tokens, without any limit.

There's no maximum amount, so feel free to stake as much as you want. Just keep in mind that others can also stake their tokens in the same way.

Whitelist Sale

The last sale card is only visible for winners of Marketing campaigns.

Throughout the IDO we will do different activities about the project being launched and reward some lucky winners w/ whitelist allocation.

For this sale card, there's no need to stake: whatever value you see on the card, you are whitelisted to purchase it!

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