The 2 Tokens - IDIA & vIDIA

Learn about the 2 tokens of Impossible Finance

So, by now, you should know about:

So, you are now probably asking what tokens should you stake in order to get allocation?

Introducing IDIA & vIDIA

IDIA & vIDIA are the tokens that you can use to obtain allocation on our IDOs.

IDIA is our Impossible Finance Launchpad token vIDIA is the vested version of our IDIA Token

Similarities & Differences between IDIA & vIDIA

At face value, IDIA & vIDIA sound & appear the same, but, there are some core differences between the two.

On the table below, you can see the major similarities and differences between both:

IDIA Characteristics

  • You can use it to stake on our IDOs

  • You can trade it in a Swap (ex. IF Swap or Pancake Swap)

  • You can transfer IDIA between wallets

vIDIA Characteristics

  • You can use it to stake on our IDOs

  • You cannot trade it nor transfer it between wallets

  • You can earn passive rewards by holding it

Another difference between IDIA & vIDIA is that vIDIA usually gets a bigger IDO pool, therefore usually giving access to bigger allocations.

IDIA or vIDIA, which is right for you?

By looking at the characteristics of each, you should already start to have a picture of which of the tokens makes more sense for your preferences.

You should use IDIA if you prefer to:

  • Have flexibility & be able to trade your tokens anytime

  • Be able to transfer your tokens between your wallets

You should use vIDIA if you prefer to:

  • Hold your tokens for longer periods of time

  • Earn passive income while holding vIDIA

  • Access to bigger IDO allocation pools

How to get IDIA & vIDIA

You can get IDIA by purchasing it directly in different platforms. For vIDIA, however, you can only get it by Vesting your existing IDIA.

In practical terms, this means that in order to get vIDIA you would need to get IDIA first.


You can get IDIA by purchasing it directly through the following locations:


Over the next page, we will go over how to vest your existing IDIA into vIDIA.

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