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ImpossiBulls Program

What is the ImpossiBulls Program

The ImpossiBull Program is a community program where users will be able to help us grow in a collaborative and symbiotic way.
ImpossiBulls are passionate volunteers that have been officially accepted into the ImpossiBull Program and have specific roles & responsibilities to help Impossible Finance grow. These responsibilities can be, for example:
  • Moderating our chats
  • Coming up w/ media & memes to promote Impossible Finance
  • Translating our content & FAQ into their respective languages
Although the ImpossiBull Program is completely voluntary and there is no economic compensation, there are some benefits of becoming an official ImpossiBull, as shown below.

What are the benefits of the ImpossiBull program

  • An exclusive group with other ImpossiBulls and the core team from around the world
  • Whitelist allocation into IDOs
  • Impossible swag/merchandise
  • Possibility to join the core Impossible Team

How to join ImpossiBulls?

Impossible Finance will NEVER write first to you privately. If somebody wrote you privately claiming to be from Impossible Finance, it is NOT US, so go to our public chats and report them.
If we see your activity on our public chats, and we believe that you are fit to join the program, we will proactively reach out to you on our Public Chat and ask you to message us privately.