đŸ”ĻLaunchpad Overview

Learn everything you need to about our Launchpad

Our Launchpad is where we regularly launch IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings), allowing users to take advantage of our rigorous & methodical research team to find & participate in high-quality, fair and accessible crypto opportunities.

What makes our Launchpad different?

High Quality Projects

We do the due diligence, so you don't have to.

Our research team conducts a thorough due diligence process, evaluating more than 40 projects each month. Only the highest quality projects are selected to move forward and participate in an IDO with us.

Fair & Accessible Allocation System

By leveraging the power of our IDIA & vIDIA Tokens and Launchpad Contract V4, we are able to provide better allocation mechanisms, with no minimum investment or randomized winners, ensuring everybody gets a fair share of the pie.

Enhanced Investment Security

With the integration of our Buyback Program, we create a safety net that allows users to invest while mitigating their risks.

More so, not only it helps lessen the downside risks for users, but also encourages project accountability on progress, project spending, and community expectations.

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