The 3 IDO Periods

Learn about the format of our IDOs

Our IDOs are done in 3 stages:

  • Staking Period → Users stake IDIA/vIDIA & get allocation

  • Purchase Period → Users buy their allocation

  • Claim Period → Users claim the tokens that they purchased

Let's take a deeper look at each stage:

Staking Period

During the Staking Period, we will determine how many project tokens will be allocated to you.

Purchase Period

After the Staking Period is finished, the Purchase Period begins. As the name suggests, this is the Period where you will be able to buy the tokens allocated to you.

This usually lasts around 1 day to give people in every part of the world time to buy.

You must purchase the tokens during this period! Any allocation that is not bought when the period ends is forfeit and cannot be bought afterwards!

Claim Period

Once the Purchase Period has finished, the Claim Period will begin shortly after. During the Claim Period, you will be able to claim the tokens you purchased and proceed to transfer them to your wallet.

The Claim Period has no end, as long as you bought tokens during the Purchase Period, you will be able to claim your tokens whenever you want.

Note that some IDOs are Airdropped, in which case there is no need to Claim the tokens.

If airdropped, the tokens you bought will be automatically transferred to your wallet.

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